Farm Fun - Animal Parking Game

Farm Fun is an interesting and addictive puzzle board game. It’s more than just puzzle - it's a fun tile game experience that'll take you to another level!

Match Find 3D - Triple Master

Are you a master player of finding games? Do you enjoy matching puzzle games? Come to challenge this addictive puzzle game - Match Find 3D!

Sheep Match - Daily Challenge

Everyone is playing a elimination game. It is said that only 0.1% of people can pass the second level of the daily challenge! Take a challenge before going to bed, and you can't stop at all!

AntiStress - Wooden Fish

Merit wooden fish, calm down~ Pinch the bubbles on the bubble paper, pick petals, Tic-Tac-Toe and other games, each game is easy to understand, helping players relax and say goodbye to unhappiness!

Traffic Match - Car Jam

Well-designed matching car puzzle game,unblock traffic jam cars by Match-3.Unlike other traffic puzzle jam games, you can place cars in any space on the map.

Nonogram Jigsaw - Color Pixel

A large number of puzzles are waiting for you to solve, a lot of puzzles are waiting for you to complete, and various themes are waiting for you to unlock. Each time you pass a level, you can get a piece of puzzle piece, and finally you can unlock a lot of beautiful pictures. Train your brain from the basic rules and logic behind the picture cross puzzle!

Zen Triple 3D - Match Master

Zen Triple 3D is a challenging matching game but also is full of relaxation,that satisfies even the busiest person, makes your free time valuable. You will find all 3D objects and themes are familiar, inspired by everyday life, to make it a captivating colorful game.

Zen Cube 3D - Match 3 Game

Zen Cube 3D is a relaxation match 3d puzzle game. Not like classic match games, Zen Triple 3D not only a time-killing game but also is a zen & relaxation matching puzzle game which is easy for everyone to play.

Match Tile 3D - Puzzle Game

Match Tile 3D is an addictive puzzle, not only connect your brain to logical thinking but also is a fun triple matching game which is easy for everyone to play!